...’but how are you going to feed the world?’

...I don’t love that question because it has determined the logic of our food system for the last 50 years. Feed grain to herbivores, pesticides to mono cultures, chemicals to soil...chicken to fish. And all along agribusiness has simply asked; ‘If we are feeding more people more cheaply how terrible could that be?’ That’s been the motivation, its been the justification, its been the business plan of american agriculture...

We should call it what it is- a business in liquidation. A business that is quickly eroding the ecological capital that makes that very production possible. ...Our bread basket is threatened today not because of diminishing supply but because of diminishing resources. ...fertile land, fresh water, forests, fish in the sea.
— Dan Barber, Executive Chef and Co-Owner - Blue Hill at Stone Barns

About the farm.

Stone Farm's home is currently located in Arundel, Maine and is the former home of the Davis Farm owned by Rodney Davis.  The farm is currently very small, somewhere around 1/2 of an acre in size, but it is highly productive because of the intensity of which crops are grown.  In the future the farm does hope to expand until it reaches somewhere around an acre in size and serves as a model farm in southern Maine because of its intensity of production and its high-end, 'deep organic', four season practices.

'Stone Farm' is named after the owner's great grandfather, Murray Stone who was an avid gardener and utilitarian.

About the owner.

Photo by Anne Boginski

Photo by Anne Boginski

After growing up through 7th grade in the mountains of rural south-west New York surrounded by a large Black Angus cattle farm, Mike and his family moved to Kennebunk, Maine. During high school Mike worked at various restaurants throughout the southern Maine area. Mike's father taught culinary arts for twenty-five years and Mike shares his passion for cooking and good food. After graduating from Kennebunk High School, Mike went on to graduate from St. Michael's College in Vermont in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a focus on environmental studies.

Since graduating from St. Michael's Mike has worked for Blackrock Farm in Kennebunkport, which is a local high-end landscaping business that also features a small organic market garden. While seriously wrestling with postgraduate career paths that included dentistry, veterinary medicine and landscape architecture, Mike was always drawn back to his passions- gardening and food. Mike decided that he needed to follow his dreams and explore a career in farming and an agrarian lifestyle that is dynamic, multi-facilitated and sensory. In his free time Mike likes to cook, hike, surf, and ski.  Mike also works at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine part time in nursing to supplement the farm's income.